New System 370 on its way to you.


System Fidelity launched the new System 370 in March 2009. Take a preview of the new beautiful system which will complete our step into the High End level for Stereo Systems.


Along with the new System 370 we also launched a new speaker as top of the range within the 5000 series, our well known series which has reveived many good reviews in the trade press over the last couple of years.





New System 270 has been launched at the IFA show in Berlin.


System Fidelity launched the new Stereo System 270 at the IFA show in Berlin this year. The system is a step up from our well know System 250 that has reveived many good reviews in the Trade press.


We are very happy to deliver this new system into our portfolio of Stereo Systems which are becoming an important part of the line up within System Fidelity.





SA-D30 Digital Amplifier launched in April 2008


System Fidelity has lauched the new little Stereo Baby in our line up. SA-D30 Amplifier is a T-Class amplifier with very high preformance. The sound quality from this little amp. is extra ordinary and extra features include battery driven ability, so you can be free to take your music with you outdoor.


The SA-D30 amp can be used to enhance music sources such as Flat panel TV, Computer media centre, and MP-4 units for true portable travelle kit. Simply add your favorit speakers and any of the sources about, and you are in the game inside or outside.





RS-250 Stereo Receiver launched in March 2008


System Fidelity has launched the new Stereo Receiver 250 which joins the group of products in the 250 series.


The series 250 now has Stereo Amplifier, AM/FM Tuner, CD-Player and finally Stereo Receiver 250 to complete this series from System Fidelity which forms our suggestion for good stereo system in the budget range.